Professional Training for Eyelash Styling

A private two-day training with an instructor is perhaps the most valuable form of instruction I can offer you. The private training is held at your facility and allows the student to work more interactively with an instructor at their own pace. The training is specifically tailored to your unique needs. The educational program is designed to exceed the expectations of the serious professional who would like to launch into a career as a professional.

You will learn how to:

  • properly pick up the lash
  • use the correct amount of adhesive for a secure bond without clumps
  • make lashes last longer by using several techniques
  • isolate each lash to ensure lashes don't stick together
  • measure the natural lashes to select the right thickness, length and curvature
  • appropriately design your application to suit clients distinctive eye shape
  • remove lash extensions without damaging the natural lash
  • use product knowledge to retail after-care and other retail products
  • effectively advertise and market your new skill
  • handle tools properly
  • consider clients safety and appropriate hygiene
  • apply techniques through hands-on exercises

It is critical that you have eyelash extensions applied to yourself in order to fully understand the procedure and properly consult with your clients. It's impossible to learn how to properly apply eyelash extensions through a video. Hands-on education, through an experienced trainer, is a must.


Each student will receive the following supplies in their kit:

Beauty Case, GLAMCOR Elite Light, Advanced Adhesive, Adhesive Remover, Gel Under Eye Patches (5 Pair), Tweezers (1 Set), 50 Disposable Pastic Adhesive Trays, USB Rechargeable Electric Fan, 100 Mascara Wands, Lash Primer, LED Glasses, Portable Massage Table, Paper Medical Tape, Plastic Surgical Tape, Mixed Lashes (2 Cases/8,000 lashes), 100 Lint-Free Applicators, Training Mannequin Head with Lashes, 100% Pure Acetone, and Scissors.

(Kit will allow you to build up your clientele without having to invest a large amount. You will have enough lashes to do 20-25 full sets and enough liquid product for over 50 sets and/or fills.)


Cost: $2,400